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Come, participate in the adventure of retreat and dedicate yourself to an inner silence, allowing you to fully realise the truth you hold within. Retreat is the silent container of all that is known and all that is yet to be remembered.

Retreat is a time of deep self-enquiry, a time to question with courage and honesty our most protected self-beliefs, ideas and habitual thoughts. It is a time to abandon all that we have learnt and to begin the remembering of all that we are, a time of forgoing the illusion of separation and embracing a fearless determination to sink into the very core of our self. A time to allow the light of truth and awakening to sear through our very being, opening us to all that we are.

Simon has developed the structure of his retreats carefully over many years, facilitating challenge to the most carefully guarded and held beliefs, supporting our dive into truth and a realisation of our unlimited potential. The spirit of retreat gives us the courage to have eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that knows our eternal truth, to let go and to embrace it fully.


be held in the container of retreat


The environment of retreat calls us not to hide or escape from, but to face our world, our thoughts and our beliefs, within a supportive environment and to focus on the unfolding mystery of our true self. Step back from usual routines, work and family commitments while you enter an atmosphere aligned to listening and seeking.


How often do you have the opportunity to stop everything for a while, to stop fighting life, to relax your guard and to be open to all that is encountered? Within the compassionate container of retreat you are supported to fully meet life and the wisdom that lies within. Although we travel together, we walk individual paths and each experience of retreat may be different, some may have profound realisations with others less intense. Emotions may be powerful as they surface, but the joy of release and discovery can be life changing.


Whilst fully supported throughout, the schedule and structure of retreat may be challenging both emotionally and physically, with changes to usual daily routines and thought patterns.

Should you be under the care or guidance of a mental health professional we recommend you consider the information held within the Committing Fully to Retreat – Opportunity and Challenge page.

For those who experience special physical or medical needs, please see the information detailed within the Special Retreat Needs section below.

The Residential Retreat Schedule

Simon has refined his retreat schedule through insight gained from experience, creating an atmosphere and environment supportive of the awakening to truth. The combination of silent meditation, self-enquiry and active contemplation is underpinned by focused talks and discussions. The schedule carefully builds upon each layer of experience and as such it is essential that you both plan and commit to arriving on time and to completing all sessions. Residential retreats depend on attendance for the entire period and therefore there is no option to commute daily.

Day 1: Check in during the registration period, refreshments and introductory talk. After check-in, the day will begin with a variety of activities centred on self-enquiry, silent and guided mediation and group talks/discussion. The day will finish by 10.00pm and include lunch and dinner breaks.

Day 2: The day will begin by 7.30am and again end by 10.00pm and include 3 meal breaks, with content building from day 1.

Day 3: The retreat will come to an end by 5pm, with breakfast and lunch included.

Non-Residential Retreat Schedule

Urban retreats and or immersive day experiences will contain similar but tailored content to that of the residential retreats, however there is no requirement to reside at the location of the retreat overnight. The start and finish times will also reflect the location of the venue.

It is essential that you commit to arrive on time and to complete all sessions of the retreat. Breaks and meal arrangements will be detailed on each individual experience.

Special Retreat Needs

Should you have a special physical or medical need it is important you review the following helpful information when planning for your retreat.

All of our retreat sites have some wheelchair accessible accommodation available with accessible dining and meeting rooms. Accessible bedroom accommodation may be limited at some sites so please detail your requirements upon booking to ensure we confirm availability of a suitable room for you.

Grounds at Foxhill House, Shallowford House and Mirfield Monastery may have some uneven paths and some steps, however we will adapt plans to use grounds dependent upon the group requirements and accessibility.

The schedule of the retreat can be intense, with several periods of guided meditation or silent sitting which may require you to remain still for up to 40 minutes each. If you are attending a silent retreat it is important that you are able to maintain stillness and silence over the period of time detailed.

We will have daily meals and mid morning and afternoon refreshment breaks. It is essential that you inform us prior to arrival of any medical dietary requirements such as Coeliac Disease / food allergies and if you adhere to a vegetarian, vegan or other diet. We work with our venues to try and cater to most needs where possible.

Please inform the retreat coordinator prior to arrival should you need any special assistance in adhering to the formats or schedules detailed above, we will endeavour to work with you wherever possible to ensure the retreat meets your needs.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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