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Everyone who embarks on path of seeking truth, will come to realise that the path they are travelling is unique to them. That life itself holds the wisdom in discovering what has always been there. Your unique Divine individuality is deeply waiting to express itself. True liberation comes when we are truly ok in life with what is. 

Simon is often heard saying, you don’t have to believe me, because it is not the words, it is the transmission held within the teachings that resonates with the heart of a sincere seeker.


You are a unique expression of Divine consciousness. Simon simple points you to this truth by using any means possible.  

Explore the teachings and discover unity, love, wisdom and your truth.  Learn to live life from the deepest part of you, your soul. The teachings are open to anyone, whether you are feeling a deep inner calling to awaken to your divinity, or would simply like to live a life where you can discover more freedom and connection to the world around you by simply being you!!  

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Retreats are an opportunity to completely immerse yourself into your spiritual evolution. They include periods of silent sitting, mediation, energy meditations, movements, contemplative time and also time for deep inquiry. There are both silent and active retreats available. All retreats are led by consciousness, which means no two retreats are ever the same. The tools and techniques maybe the similar, but they will always lead to a different experience.


Intensives give you the opportunity to spend a dedicated amount of time on your spiritual journey. They can last anything from a day to 3 days. Each intensive is led the by consciousness of the topic and the group. They will include periods of mediation, partner / group work and also talks on spiritual awakening and living your Divine individuality in modern day life.

silent meditation days

Silent meditation days are similar to the urban retreats with one primary difference. The day will include silent sitting, guided meditations and deep inquiry. Simon will also give a talk and offer time for questions. The whole day his held within the container of silence. Please only attend these days of you are totally committed to seeing what arises in silence.


Our courses and special programs are suitable for anyone who feels ready to go deeper on their spiritual journey of self discovery . Courses are a great way of building continuity into your spiritual practice.

one to one

Simon offers one to one teaching. It is Simons intention to be available for those who have a serious commitment to waking up to their true nature or those who have had a realisation and need support during the unfolding process of living truth.

Simon also offers one to one coaching. Simon will guide and support you with whatever is happening in your life so that you can meet life fully, aiding your spiritual evolution.

Living Your truth

When we come into alignment with the highest part of ourselves, soul, inner being, source, God, whatever feels right for you, life will become rich and full. It will be filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning for life. You will be able to joyously participate in life. This is your true authentic power.

In order to live as an evolved being, where love is in the foreground and where love far out ways the needs of the material world, we are going to have to take responsibility for the life we are currently living – and who we are choosing to be in life at any given moment. When we take responsibility, we can begin to align our thoughts, emotions and actions with the Divine being we are.

When we are in alignment with the inner being, the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the soul, this is when we begin to live life as the individual Divine expression of oneness we are.

Our Living your truth meetings are simply about coming together to use the transmission of group consciousness, to align those who are ready to embrace their Divine individuality.

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