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July 18, 2020 7:30 pm
September 4, 2020 9:00 pm

Sitting in Truth – Friday Online Group


Our sitting in truth meetings are simply about coming together to use the transmission of group consciousness, to awaken to true nature of reality.

There will be meditation, either guided or silent sitting. A talk and time for questions in relation to the nature of reality, awakening, spiritual life and aspects of the human experience as you open to that which you truly are.

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This event has passed

Our sitting in truth meetings are simply about coming together to use the transmission of group consciousness, to awaken to true nature of reality.

When we come into alignment with the highest part of ourselves, soul, inner being, source, God, whatever term feels right for you, life will become rich and full. It will be filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning for life. You will be able to joyously participate in life. This is your true authentic power.

In order to live life from the souls path, where love is in the foreground and where love far out ways the needs of the material world, we are going to have to take responsibility for the life we are currently living – and who we are choosing to be in life at any given moment.

When we take responsibility, we can begin to align our thoughts, emotions and actions with the Divine being we are.
When we are in alignment with the inner being, the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the soul, this is when we begin to live life as the individual Divine expression of oneness we are.

Each meeting there will be either silent sitting or guided meditation led by Simon. There will be a talk and time for Q&A.

The topic for each meeting will be different but will be about awakening to your Divine individuality and how we live our truth in every aspect of our lives.

The meetings are open to anyone, but will suit those who are genuinely sincere in answering the call of the soul and awakening to the Divine being you are.

The best way to attend each meeting is to be ready to step into the unknown, where the deep knowing can reveal itself.


This group has been set up online to support as many people as possible at this time. So we have put a pricing scale in for this group. The price is for all 8 sessions, although you do not need to attend all 8. You can choose which ones to attend. You can attend for free or select the amount you are able to pay.

Extra Details

This meeting is held via Zoom – Zoom is free software that can be used on computer, tablet and phone. You can download Zoom free of charge here


When you have booked onto the event you will receive an email with the zoom link and password. This link will give you access to all 8 sessions, so there is no need to book onto each meeting individually, just use the same link and password. You can join at anytime during the 8 weeks.

In truth Group

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