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Living the Wisdom Community

Journeying together on our own unique paths of awakening

Living the Wisdom Community

Our Community is a private, sacred space created especially for those who wish to journey with Simon. Bringing together sincere seekers who desire to live life filled with purpose, steeped within their own truth and wisdom.

This community is a place that allows you to always feel connected and supported, safe to share experiences, questions, insights and stories – encouraged to live a life in alignment with your own divine essence. A place to deeply connect with people who share common interests.

Within the sacred container of our community you will be able to access regular Living the Wisdom content and updates from Simon, together with access to private forums for any groups you may be part of, including groups for our retreat participants. You can take part in thoughtful conversation, deep inquiry, thought provoking questioning and receive support from your fellow members

Online Social Community

This community has been designed to help you to live in alignment with who you truly are, a gentle nudge guiding you to live your deepest truth, in every moment of every day. In joining this community, you will...

Be able to connect with fellow members, share stories, experiences and content that is aligned to our common mission and in doing so support and inspire each other to live life itself as a spiritual practice! 

Be able to access recordings of Simon’s morning guided meditations (each approximately 30 minutes long) – these can be played in your browser of through soundcloud app.

Be able to access groups and forums you may be a part of and receive support and encouragement from your fellow community members

Extended Membership - Living the Wisdom Live

In addition to joining our community and receiving access to all content previously described, we have developed an extended membership designed for those wishing to delve deeper.

  • Do you feel drawn to live a life steeped within sacred energy?
  • Are you ready to deepen your experience of life itself as a spiritual practice?
  • Would you appreciate consistent and regular support enabling you to embed the wisdom of being within all areas of your life?
  • Do you wish to live your highest truth and fully embodying reality?

Within our Extended Membership

Simon teaches how to use life itself as the most valuable tool in growth and transformation, showing with real life examples how to leverage every situation for deep learning.

Through this deeply supportive membership, we’ve created a way to fully manifest these techniques within all areas of your life. You will be immersed within profound energy supporting your quest to stay aligned, connected and steeped within sacred wisdom. Leading to the experience of journeying life as a spiritual practice.

Live Online Group & Meditations

Living the Wisdom Live Calls
Join Simon for 2 Live calls every month
7pm-8.30pm Tuesday

During each live call Simon will begin with a 30-minute guided meditation and then move into an intuitively led discussion designed to support all those who journey with us, drawing intuitively on real life examples.

Integrating these calls every two weeks allows you to maintain consistency within your spiritual practice, gently supporting you through life’s ‘ups and downs’ and helping you to remain aligned within your own true wisdom of being. 

The calls will help you to put Simon’s teachings and practices into action throughout your life, in all situations, whenever and however they occur.  Simon will for instance use examples of relational wisdom, body wisdom and life events shared within the group, to illustrate how to establish new and constant patterns of thought, action and being.

Additionally, as a member there will be events you can access for free, plus members only events.

Currently we have live guided meditations which take place each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7am, in addition to accessing recordings of all previous meditations. Additional events are subject to change. 

What You Will Experience

Living the Wisdom Live Calls

  • 7.00 – 7.30pm alternate Tuesday evening live online meditation, followed by live call 7.30 – 8.30pm 2 x month, via Zoom.
  • Join for both meditation and call, or drop in for either the meditation or live call alone – it’s up to you.
  • Access recordings of live calls within the members area.

Members free access and members only events

  • There will be from time to time online events that will be available for you to access for free.
  • Throughout the year there will be members only events.
  • Members discounts on live online & in person events. 

Living the Wisdom

Become a member

£ 19
  • Private Social Community
  • Recorded Meditations
  • 2 x Live Online Meetings per month
  • Members Free Access to some events
  • Members discounts on events
  • Cancel Anytime

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