love, truth & Awakening

Simon is a consciousness coach who works with those who are ready to look deep inside themselves to find what they need to navigate life.

Whether an individual, family or business, Simon supports you in living life in alignment with your truth, liberating you from the illusion of mind and opening you up to the infinite intelligence of your true nature and unlimited potential.

 The space will help shine a light on what is limiting you from the dimension of being that is already whole and complete, enabling you to move forward free of the limitations of the past.

Simon has the remarkable ability of deep listening, not just to words spoken but to the consciousness of your inner being, enabling him to gently guide you to the truth of what is really moving, and to that which will serve the evolution of your soul.

Those who work with Simon on an ongoing basis will experience the impeccable timing and simplicity at which Simon operates, he has no agenda other than to serve the truth and consciousness of the moment and will always guide you towards your own inner wisdom.

A private session with Simon, whether in person or online, is always deeply healing and empowering.

Each session with Simon is unique as he provides a limitless, loving and compassionate space to work on whatever might be moving within you at that particular time.

In a session, you might find yourself:

Simon also offers one to one mentorship

These private sessions are primarily around the spiritual path of awakening.

He will gently guide and support you as you journey through the awakening process of healing and de-entangling energy. Supporting the integration of awakened state of being with all that you relate to in life.

He will encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and point you to your own inner wisdom, so you can learn to navigate and integrate the new way of being into modern life.


How Long are sessions?

Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes. Depending on what is moving at the time. 

How do I book?

To book please email the address below.

How are the sessions held?

Face to face sessions are held at the Navitas Centre, Cheshire. Online sessions via Zoom or Skype

How much are the sessions?

There is currently a sliding scale for one to one sessions –  £50, £65 or £90

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