simon bailey

"serving that which
is bigger than I"

Simon Bailey is an intuitive spiritual teacher and coach. His spiritual path is not attached to any particular school, religion or dogma; he simply started out on the path of self-enquiry and meditation through a yearning to know the truth of life. This yearning for truth lay deep inside, driven by something bigger than himself. His route to awakening was often a lonely and frightening one, as he encountered challenges of the mind without mentor or guide. Often with little idea of what or how things were happening to him. In time, through a deep curiosity and deep enquiry he overcame the fear and discovered truth.

Simon truly respects the path of the soul and does not ever interfere with what is right for each souls evolution, but if asked, he will support, guide and point those who are ready to discover their own true nature of being.

Always knowing there was something other than this world, even as a small 4 year old child he sensed a source or power watching over and guiding him, but he couldn’t put words to it. His mother remembers him talking of the man in his room around that time, but thought it just his childish imagination. By the age of 12 Simon had already began to try and make sense of his world and started to practice what he now knows to be a self-inquiry practice. He would write and ask questions all about life – Why are we born and then die? What is the point of life? Why is everything on cycles? Who am I really? What am I? He would ponder for hours on these questions.

This time of childhood would became very frightening for Simon, he became very fearful when the universe would take on form and show itself to him. The sense of presence that he had tried to explain as a 4 year old began to follow him everywhere and not knowing what it was, he would ask for whatever it was to go away. Simon became terrified of the dark, as this was when the physical activity he experienced was heightened, however he also knew that what he could see, feel and hear was not physical. Over many months Simon experienced same thing every night, until he decided to take the fear head on. He began to sit on a pillow in the pitch black, cross-legged and with his back up against his bed for safety and just watched. The fear that would rise within him was immense, the things he saw and felt were not of this world and they fuelled his continued fear.

Through meditation and self inquiry (he did not know they were these practices until he was in his twenties), Simon began to truly discover a profoundly deeper sense of himself. This led him to live life truly as an individual, not restrained by beliefs, boundaries or other people’s ways of being, or of being dependent on anyone. He was finding the pathway to his own true way of being.

Simon learnt that guidance always came to him; he was always led to take the action required in the right way at the right time. This guidance helped when at the age of 17 Simon was struggling to cope when his beloved Grandfather was diagnosed with bone cancer and given 6 months to live. Simon’s work performance began to drop and despite many colleagues trying to help, it wasn’t enough, he was on his final written warning. The night before his dismissal hearing, Simon lay in bed and was overwhelmed by the need to grab a pen and paper and to write. Before he knew it, he had covered both sides of an A4 piece of paper and when reading it back, was taken aback with the emotion and truth held within it. The following day at the hearing Simon asked to read the letter to his managers, they listened and after a short recess told him they were wiping the slate clean and to just go out on the sales floor and do what they knew he could do. Not long after Simon became a Sales Manager.

At the age of 22, now a successful Sales Manager, he was asked to move to a new store to raise its performance. On his first visit, Simon was brought a cup of tea by a young women, as she walked away he knew he was going to marry and share a family with her. Simon didn’t even see or remember her face, but went home to his parents and told them “ I have met the person I am going to marry, but she doesn’t know it yet”. Sadly for Simon, Katie was already with another partner, the time wasn’t right. However, one day about 9 months later he once again felt compelled to write a letter, this time to Katie. Once again he listened and just let his writing flow. Simon waited until Katie was leaving her shift and called her over, handing her the note and saying “Its time to let you know how I feel about you, I don’t expect anything from it, but it feels the right time for you to know”. Later that day Katie called Simon to explain that she felt very much the same way. Just under a year later, Simon and Katie moved into their first home together.

An experience that was to open him up to a greater acceptance of the path before him occurred when Simon was 23. Awaking one night Simon become aware of an immense light shining from behind the bedroom door, intrigued he went on to the landing, where he saw an indescribably beautiful light hovering above the ground. The light held a beautiful presence within, a being. Simon heard the words “it is time now, open the door and walk through, choose the souls path”, looking down the stairs he saw the front door illuminated and felt drawn to open it and walk through. The light was overwhelming, blinding. Suddenly, Simon woke up back in bed. Feeling very different, he was aware of his mind challenging the experience as a dream, but there was also a deep knowing that it was far from that. The knowing came form a new awareness and deep feelings of acceptance he had never experienced before.

By the age of 24 Simon had started giving mediumship messages in spiritualist churches all over the Northwest of England. He also began teaching people about energy, meditation and mediumship. In 2013 Simon was driving to work as normal and spotted a building that was a health & beauty centre with a ‘To Let’ sign outside. Simon knew instantly it was to be the start of something amazing and this led to Simon and his wife Kate, opening their very own holistic therapy and Reiki centre.

After a number of years teaching energy work, Reiki, mediumship and meditation, Simon began to discover deeper teachings coming through him, wisdom beyond his current knowledge. In March 2015, he had what he has come to know as his first glimpse of the truth. After leaving a 5-day intensive Reiki course with Hyakuten Inamoto, he was filled with a deep sense of being totally present and awareness he had not felt before. Simon sensed he was no longer fully within this world, but was able to observe his body and mind interacting as normal, but as though from somewhere else. It was a week later whilst teaching a meditation class that he felt himself return to his body. Simon felt this was the first experience of his own sense of being.

At the age of 39 in October 2016 – while teaching a group of 10 students, Simon had what he would now call an awakening to truth. The students themselves where extremely concerned, without full understanding of what was happening to Simon, some even felt they should call ambulance. However, each could feel an immense amount of energy and Simon began sharing wisdom unlike anything they had heard before. It was clear to them that Simon was going through some kind of transformation in front of their very eyes. This full on experience lasted two and a half hours and left Simon in a state of awareness, with deep, profound love and joy and a sense of being everything and everyone.

Little did Simon know that this was just the beginning. Day after day Simon was still changing and everyone around could see him change – physically, emotionally and mentally. Those around him who cared deeply could do nothing but watch.

A few months later Simon was doing some self healing, and felt himself suddenly transported back to a time when he was around one year old. He found himself in hospital, feeling extremely poorly, like he was going to die, he felt alone and isolated, very frightened but strangely with a sense of peace. Suddenly an overwhelming emotion took over; he looked over to see his mum walking away from him with his twin sister in her arms. He felt rejected, abandoned and all alone. But in this instant he also knew that his mum would have carried the guilt of this her entire life, he understood. Simon knew in this moment that the limiting belief of rejection that he had harboured his entire life was gone.

In February 2017 – Simon experienced another radical shift, this time it was extremely physical. After making love with his wife Katie, he suddenly felt what he could only describe as an eruption of energy from the coccyx, moving rapidly up his spine and out of his head. His heart pounded whilst the energy was moving, he experienced intense physical pain and an unbearable heat that even Katie could feel radiating from him. This was a challenging and frightening experience for Simon. Following this he became extremely poorly, although he was able to hide it from many. Although Simon was experiencing a sense of transcendence, the physical pain he felt was immense, a feeling as if his body was slowly shutting down, all the while his doctors were unable to find anything physically wrong. This finally came to ahead one evening and Simon became very concerned about his health. He felt as though every organ was shutting down and could only think about leaving his family and saying his goodbyes. As he lay down, feeling it perhaps for the last time, he was overwhelmed with gratitude for life and an urgent sense that he still had much to do. In that instant an amazing brightness filled the room and a swirling purple shape of light danced in front of him, Simon watched as this shape entered his heart area and he feel into a deep sleep. The next morning his pain had lessened, but he was no longer how he once was. Something was very different.

Day by day Simon’s health began slowly to improve, leaving him with a sense of deep inner stillness and feelings of immense inner peace. But he was also left with a weird feeling of observing everything as if occurring all in the same moment, no time existed, just an expansive space / void. There were challenges within this state of awareness, communicating with people outside of teaching became difficult for Simon, it was as if there was no mind remaining with which to respond or communicate with. When teaching however, Simon experienced no such problem and profound wisdom and love flowed within this space.

One day Simon awoke, once again feeling a sense of death. This was different though, it wasn’t a physical death, it was something else and the sense of foreboding remained over a number of days. He once again felt like he was going to die, but was strangely also filled with a feeling of peace. A few days passed and the day of Simon’s regular meditation night with a small closed group of long term, trusted friends arrived. That night when leaving home he felt immense fear, an overwhelming sense that he was going to join this group and not come back. The fear was so strong that the group could feel his trepidation, urging him that he didn’t have to continue, to which he remembers replying, “I do, and it will be what it will be”. During the group’s meditation, Simon experienced another shift – this time he relived all of his past life passings. He watched and felt every life, how he died and what made him die in each time, as if all lifetimes were coming into one. They were flashing so quickly, but he could clearly see and feel each of the deaths. When it finally came to and end, Simon was left in a transcendent state and deep peace.

He finally understood that he had now experienced death of both the physical body and the mind. It was time now for re-birth and integration back into this world.

Shortly after this experience, while in the shower Simon had a profound realisation of kingdom of heaven is within, he discovered that we are Individual Divine Expressions of the same truth, an experience which remains with him to this day. He now feels and sees the Divine in everyone and everything.

Now after 2 and half years Simon has integrated back into physical life, but in a very different way. His life is now dedicated to pointing people to same truth he has discovered, that we are all souls on an evolutionary path to discovering the ultimate truth, that we are simply Unique Divine Expressions of the one infinite creator.

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