learning to listen to the inner intelligence 

The way of Truth and Life

learning to listen to the inner intelligence 

The way of Truth
and Life

One to One

Simon provides a limitless, loving and compassionate space to work on whatever might be moving for you at the time.


In-person and online events. Supporting each individual in their uniqueness while demonstrating the oneness of being. 


Spiritual teachings that embrace the unique path of awakening, embodying and expressing of truth in your life. 

Discovering the spiritual truth of one's reality in the midst of everyday life

One must learn to trust their own path before any teacher or teaching.

Trust your own inner path before any external teaching or teacher. Pass everything on this site through your own deep knowing of what truth is for you. Take whatever resonates or makes you feel more aligned to your inner knowing and disregard that which does not. Be true to your own innate wisdom.

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"Truth is universal, but how truth awakens, establishes and expresses itself in your life is unique."

Residential Retreat Experience

Retreat - Path of Grace

4 day immersive journey into the intelligence of Grace. Learning practical tools that will transform your daily life into a path for spiritual awakening, through listening to the intelligence of Grace as it guides you home to the one consciousness. if you feel the inner call of Grace, we would love you to join us.

Join a community of sincere seekers

We can journey together and walk our own individual path of life while we explore and awaken to our true nature. Let this community be the loving and supportive hand you need on your search for truth and love. 

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