Discovering Truth

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Through simple teachings and transformative community experiences. We invite people to discover their deepest truth and embody it in every day life. 

Sharing insights, experiences and teachings. See our blog for the latest articles.

Join us on Residential retreats, deep dives, online events or attend one of our Living your Truth meetings. 

The heart is yearning for love and unity and to escape the illusion of separation. Awaken to a new reality.

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Discover our latest retreats, open meetings, courses and small groups. In person events are great way to completely immerse yourself into the collective energy of other sincere seekers of truth.

By journeying in companionship, we help to support one another to live a life steeped within the magic of all that is, no matter what it is and always feel connected to the support and love of grace, the universe and your community.

Whether an individual, family or business, Simon supports you in living life in alignment with your truth, liberating you from the illusion of mind and opening you up to the infinite intelligence of your true nature

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Join our free community platform. 

We can journey together and walk our own individual path of life while we explore and awaken to our true nature. Let this community be the loving and supportive hand you need on your search for truth and love. 

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